Adoptees Looking For Birth Parents

Adoptees looking for birth parents will conduct what's called a "birth parent search." The reasons adoptees look for birth parents vary. The primary reason given for searching by adoptees is to find one's birth parents and contact them for medical reasons. However, many people begin searching out of curiosity and to answer other questions that have risen from growing up with an adoptive identity genetically tied to someone whose identity is mysterious yet connected to an adoptee on a cellular level.

Often the search for birth parents is motivated by monumental events taking place in an adoptee's life, such as a pregnancy, graduation, marriage or death. The development of a genetic disease or another hereditary condition may also develop as an adoptee matures and this can lead to the desire to meet or reunite with a birth parent for the sake of tying loose ends.

There are passive and active methods to go about a search, the most common being through a state registry. State registries operate via mutual consent. This means that the adoptee and birth parent must both register with the state before an adoption record is released to the two triad members. If one does not register, the record can still be released but with nonidentifying information about the other triad members involved in the adoption.

Adoptees can also petition the courts to have a confidential intermediary access an adoption record and mediate contact between members of the adoption triad. Adoptees may also look to search agencies for help. Search Angels are volunteers who also offer search services to adoptees looking for birth parents.

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Guest - 3 weeks ago
I am looking for biological parent, sibling or other. I was born 10/10/1959 at scrips memorial hospital in la jolla, California. My birth certificate does not state single or double birth. I think adoption was through the state of California. I am male, blonde 6'3". #1
Amy - 9 months ago
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My name is Amy Louise Falk-West. Falk was my maiden name. My address is :38A Rainer Cove Vilonia, Arkansas and my phone number is xxxxx. I would try to open the court records and the Dr. said he would help only if I did. I do not have the money to go to the courts. I live in Vilonia, Arkansas and I want very much to know you or about you. The Dr. said that you may have been adopted by a friend of his. I do and always will love. I have always called you by Christopher David.Looking for a young man that was born on June 6, 1972 in the St. Vincent Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. He had dark hair and would have gone home with adoptive parents! The Dr. That brought you into this world was Dr. Allen C. McKnight. You were TAKEN FROM ME AGAINST MY WILL!! I was never told that I could get you back just that I couldn't even see you after you were born! I was in a comma for a week so you may have stayed in the hospital for a few extra days. Please contact me at xxxx I had #2
John - 2 years ago
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My name is John Spagnolo, I was born in February 1966 in Central Pennsylvania. I would like to find my Biological Parents if possible. I would like to at least know my Biological parents family medical history and heritage. I thank you for any help you can provide me. #3
Frank - 4 months ago
Born December 3 1956 in Nassau county hospital, oyster bay New York, looking for biological family. #4
Cynthia - 5 months ago
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My adoption papers were sadly falsified by the Dr. I was born at Baptist Hosp. Downtown San Antonio, Texas, on January 17, 1957, My adoption papers were signed in Criminal District Court, Bexar County. Mr #5
Greg - 8 months ago
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born in February, 1972 in Port Jefferson, NY. Looking for birth parents and a half-sister born in 1970. #6
michael S - 10 months ago
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MY birthday has past and still didn't get MY wish from MY birth mother to contact ME on FACEBOOK. Mother was force to give up her baby boy at birth to the NUNS at our lady of victory. I was adopted 1961 adopted parents were Great to ME my hole life. IM not mad at all seeking true identities Pleas contact Please on FACEBOOK. Thank you for reading my note Thank you again #7
Raymond Bade's niece Vickie Bade Kirsch - 9 months ago
TWIN DAUGHTERS born in eastern Kansas or Kansas City Mo...Father would be Raymond Gene Bade from Vienna Mo...Mother was called "Deanie".....Also a son named Patrick #8
Mary - 11 months ago
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I was adopted from Seoul Korea Holt Orphanage but I oringalinally came from the Isabel Orphanage. I was adopted in 1964. My Korean Name is Choo, Yong Jung. I was brought to the United Stated and Lived in LaCrosse Wisconson. My birthday is June 26 1961.My American name was Mary Ann Meyer but now it is Mary Ann Clement, and I now live in Virginia. Please Help me. Thank you very much and God Bless. #9
STELLA - 9 months ago
0 0 0
Ilene - 2 years ago
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My birth name is Baby Leonardi. I was adopted from Beverly Community Hospital in California. I was given the name Lois Ilene Sorensen and raised with parents who adopted me in Utah. #11
Sue - 1 year ago
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I was born Baby Girl Dunn Nov 1968 at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News VA. Adopted to NY family in Queens. Searching for any birth family. It was private adoption done by 2 lawyers one in NY and one in VA. Any info please email xxxx #12
Guest - 9 months ago
Carmella Theresa (Raymond ) Bailey #13
Susan - 12 months ago
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I had my adoption records unsealed and met my birth-mother. And I regret it. Anyone else in this situation? #14
Guest - 2 years ago
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My name is Curtis Brent Gilstrap. I was adopted in May of 1965 by parents in La Grande Oregon/ I know my mom's name is Sally Lynne Shoopman. I want to know my medical history and heritage if I can find it! #15
Debra - 1 year ago
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I was born in Los Angeles on October 4, 1959. Last names Milner and Vasquez. Don't know who is who. Born a John Westely hospital.African American and Hispanic . One of the grandparents was ill. I stayed with birth mom for a few months then given up to foster care. Thanks #16
GREGORIA - 2 years ago
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Sean - 1 year ago
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I was adopted at birth, I would like to find my Biological Parents, they were teenagers when they had me. I was born on June 20, 1965, Physician was Mohammed Meah, M.D. I was discharge From Florence Crittenton Adoptive in Mi. on July 2, 1965, Resident Physician- W.S. Leed, M.D., One of my parents was Black and one was Iris. I think they both was going to Wayne State at or around that time. Please Help #18

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