Adoptees Looking For Biological Parents

Every year, thousands of adoptees looking for biological parents register with their state and private search registries. The search brings adoptees with a variety of motivation for seeking the people they're biologically related to. The most commonly cited reason is related to medical issues - they may have developed a disease that is commonly hereditary, for example. But, for the most part, it's undeniable that a majority of adoptees go looking for biological parents because they've developed a list of unanswerable questions as they've matured; Questions that maybe only their biological parents could answer.

If you're an adoptee looking for your birth parents, you can start by registering with your state's registry. Most likely, this registry will require mutual consent from both adoption parties before any contact information is released. Adoptees can also choose to search proactively. They can do so by registering online, where they'll be connected to a huge database of other people in the adoption community. They will need to look through profiles that are potential matches for their search and hope the person they're looking for is also registered and in the database. If working with a state registry isn't yielding any results, adoptees can petition to have a confidential intermediary granted access to their adoption file. From there, the C.I. can facilitate communication between the adoptive parties.

International adoptees may have a harder time tracking down their biological parents. However, there are search groups for international adoptees that work to help reunite overseas.

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lurene - 10 months ago
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Hello, my birth name was patricia michelle, my mothers name is Judith, after searching for her she denied meeting with me. I do know i have several older siblings out there somewhere, you would be older than me, at least ten years, we attended st benard catholic church in Detroit Michigan, Lois Johnson was my adopted mothers name If your mothers name was Judith and she lived on the west side of Detroit near grace hospital please write back. My birthday is august 13th 1970. your parents told the family i died at birth. Our grandfather was german\irish she had twin brothers also, if you have heard of a story about me it's true i do exist just looking for closure. please I'm only looking for the family i need to know #1
Kimberlee - 3 weeks ago
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I was taken from birth in Fresno Ca 02/14/1977 from my birth mother. Lowery is the only information i know. I know my birth mother was young and in legal trouble at the time. I grew up in Selma, Ca in an amazing home but i am curious. Any information would be appreciated. I live in Arkansas now and my email is xxxx Born at Fresno Community Hospital #2
Jennifer Elizabeth Seebo - 4 weeks ago
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I just left a message. I expected to have to answer more questions before I could leave a post, like the other many sites I have visited. Therefore I did not leave contact info. My email is, xxxx. This is a business email, therefore, please know that my employees will immediately flag any spam or solicitation. Do not email unless this is serious. #3
Jennifer Elizabeth Seebo - 4 weeks ago
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I was born Sept 25, 1966, Wasibngton DC. I don't know which hospital. My birth mother stayed at a home for unwed mothers in Alexandria Va, ran by a Mrs. Parker. I think I remember that my birth mother came from New England. My birth mother either named me Jennifer Elizabeth or Elizabeth. I believe I was 5 lbs at birth. My parents were young and not married. However they stayed together and may have married later which means I may have full siblings. #4
Guest - 1 month ago
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hello I have been searching for my son who was born February 10, 1974 at Horton hospital in middletown ny . I was at a very young age of 17 and my parents made me give him up for adoption . I have alway thought about him even tho i have no name for my Son . I was nit allowed to hold him or see him . The lawyer was from nyak or nanuet who did the adoption . I do not know who the adopted parents are . Please help In hopes to find you . My maiden name is Boyle . #5
ron - 3 months ago
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Hello...I am looking for my child born in 1969...Shelby County Tennessee.. I met a young girl around(Oct-Dec 1969)...I was 18 years old and in the Marine Corps going to Aviation school in Millington Tenn...I met this young girl at the enlisted Club and we went to the drive in where she got pregnant but I left in Jan 10, 1969 with orders to El toro, calif and then to Vietnam where I stayed until Jan 1971..I never knew about the pregnancy... Ron #6
TLC - 1 month ago
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I am looking for my birth parents. I was born in Elkhart/South Bend Indiana on April 27, 1972. It is possible I was named Michael at birth. I think I have a brother as well. #7
Tommy - 2 months ago
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Was born in Houston, Texas on September 13, 1946 on a Friday. Was immediately place in the Depelchin Faith home. Would love to possibly find my siblings or at least one of my parents. #8
Michael - 4 months ago
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I was born on 7/22/1963 in or around Salisbury NC. Shortly after my birth I developed a folded intestine and almost died. Was adopted at 4 mos old. Looking for birth parents now that I have a chronic illness. #9
Martina - 6 months ago
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I was born October 17 1944 in Manhattan NY . I am looking for any relatives with the surname of Pearson. #10
thomas beland - 7 months ago
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I was born on April 24/1959 my birth name was Tierney born in Sacramento county hospital, adopted to last name beland think my real parents from Massachusetts #11
michael schuster - 12 months ago
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Shirley - 4 months ago
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I am searching for my son born 03/25/1968 at Lackland AFB, San Antonio Tx. Your name at birth Joseph Wayne Norris. If you are also looking for me, message #13
Guest - 10 months ago
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If you are searching for a reunion, you might consider adding your information to Adoptee Birthfamily Reunion Registry. It is a new registry on Facebook. I welcome you to join us. The registry will be monitored daily for matches. #14
Donald Anthony Ruiz - 12 months ago
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I am a twin. My brother and I were born on July 25,1965 at 710 am and 740 am, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston Texas. The agency the did the adoption was Catholic charities in Houston and we were placed with our adoptive parents on August 9th 1965. I hope this helps. #15
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