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Adoptees who want to search for birth parents do so for a variety of reasons. The most-cited search purpose is to contact a birth relative for updates and insight into one's medical history. However, many adoptees become curious about his or her birth parents during monumental times, such as marriages, graduations, deaths, and pregnancy.

There are a few different ways for adoptees to search. They can register with a state registry, which will contact the adoptee if the birth parent also registers, consenting to the release of identifying information from the sealed adoption record. For searches in states without registries or for searches in which the state registry isn't advancing the search, adoptees have the opportunity to contact the agency from which they were placed and ask if it offers search services.

Adoptees can also petition to have a judge appoint a confidential intermediary to a search. These searchers will be more thorough and worth the search fees because they're granted access to one's adoption records.

International adoptees who want to search for their birth parents may have a more difficult time. They can contact their agency and may want to also reach out to the International Soundex Reunion Registry, which is a mutual consent registry that can help connect international adoptees to their birth parents.

Search services may cost a flat or hourly fee. Registries may sometimes also charge a registration fee that can be between $20 or $40.

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Nona - 3 months ago
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I am looking for birth parents. I was born on 23 Nov 1951 in San Diego. i was told that I have an older sister and possibly a younger brother. Not really interested in reunions just info. I am registered on, I was told my mother's name was Iris or violet. #1
Melissa - 4 months ago
I am looking for my birth parents..I was born November 21, 1971 at University Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. I was adopted through the United Methodist Children's Home aka Florence Crittendon Home. Both my birth parents were students at the University of West Virginia. The case worker was Phyllis Harvey. My birth parents were engaged at the time and may have married after my birth and adoption, so there may be siblings out there I don't know about. #2
Guest - 9 months ago
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Hi i am searching for my birth siblings. I am not sure if anyone is looking for me. I was born 3/27/1981 in Orange County California. LaDonna Pearl Brundage gave me up 3 day's after i was born. As far as i was told. I was raised in foster care in Riverside Ca until i was six years old. I was taken away for reasons that a child shouldn't go through.I was adopted by a loving family. But i have an emptyness inside not knowing if i have siblings who wonder what happened to me. I am not sure if she knew my birth dad's name or just picked a random last name. So if you are searching for me my email is xxxx #3
Alya - 2 months ago
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I am looking for my birth mother and father. I believe I was born in Lebanon and was born around 1961 (no birth certificate). Possibly abducted and was raised in Yemen by a lady called Atia. #4
Mary - 4 months ago
I am search for a Male adoptee born 06/17/60? born in ny adopted out of NY birth name Jeffery? Davis or Green #5
DeVonna - 9 months ago
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I am serching for my children. They were adopted out all at different times between may of 200 through january of 2006. There are nine of them in all. I live in Sacramento California and if you are looking for me , please contact me. My email address is vee xxxx #6
Pat - 7 months ago
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Im looking for a boy born in around 1976 or 77 He was born in toledo as ryan Robert gerber #7
tamika - 8 months ago
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Searching for my mom I was put up for adoption in 82 or83 in california riverside. Im new at this so any help will be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions will help also. #8
ben - 8 months ago
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December 1984 boy west palm beach Florida.Searching for birth mom.any information would help. #9
Jimmi - 8 months ago
searching for birth parents - baby girl born 3-22-68 in saline county memorial hospital, benton, arkansas. I believe I have an aunt out there close to the same age as me. #10
Donna - 9 months ago
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I and searching for my daughter that was adopted though LDS services she was born on June 11 1981 at Mesa Lutheran Hospital in Mesa Arizona I was 13 at the time and she has other family that would like to meet her... #11
Loretta - 10 months ago
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I am searching for my birth parents or siblings. I was born 06/14/1963 in Massillon, Oh. My birth name was Lynda or Linda. I was adopted in Youngstown, Oh. #12
Amanda - 1 year ago
Searching for cousin born in St. louis Missouri 1976 possibly August 14th her birth name was ANITA MARIE HUGHES she was taken into state custody in 1979 and adopted out. She had brown hair and brown eyes. I do have a pic of her. Her mothers name was Darlene. I am sure that her name has changed since. She would be 37 now. #13
Merrily - 11 months ago
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Birth Mother searching for son born 3/16/1977 Denver, CO. Adoption agency, Lutheran Service Society. Adoptee is caucasion/native american. #14
Robyn - 1 year ago
I am looking for my sister who was born in July of 74 at the Christ Hosp. in Cincinnati Ohio. She may have brown eyes? BM was/is Mary Brown from the Oakley area and BF was (he is deceased) Lee Earl Shaw from the Oakley area. My name is Robyn Shaw and you can contact me at xxxx #15
lesia - 1 year ago
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looking for my sister she was adopted in denton texas i believe, she was born on 12/18/1984, the family that adopted her had lost children in the past, but im not sure that was just the excuse i was given please anyone who can help #16
linda - 1 year ago
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I was born oct.12 1950 I Jameson Memorial Hosp in New Castle' Pa. looking for siblings I know I had at least three #17
Janet (MARY GOHRE) Green Bartz - 1 year ago
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Searching for other children of Antoinette Jane (Beverly) Gohre DOB 1-6-46 of Wisconsin. Five of us have connected, but there is a 4-yr period where there were no children.. We believe there are others! xxxx #18
Lisa - 2 years ago
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I am looking for two children. Molly Louise and Justin Andrew. Molly was born in Imperial CA on 8-22-90 and Justin was born in Madras OR on 6-19-92. #19
Robert - 1 year ago
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Looking for my nephew I was young when he was adopted out at birth in the 70's I was 10 to 12 my sister had a child out of wedlock and only a teenager her last name at that time was Hamilton #20