Adopted Children

There are about 2 million adopted children in the U.S. and over 10 million adult adoptees living in America. Every year, thousands of children from abroad are adopted by American families and over 100,000 American children wait in foster care for their adoptive families.

Adopted children are children who have been either voluntarily placed with an adoptive couple or individual by a birth mother or involuntarily placed in foster care and later with an adoptive family after being removed from his or her birth mother or father. Adopted children are also referred to as adoptees in the adoption triad and community.

Adopted children face many stigmas, some without much credit to them and others with some suggestive research. While not all adoptees can expect to have issues with identity or attachment, it's true that adoptees are more likely than the general population of children their age to have depression, anxiety or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. It's also possible for adoptees to have attachment disorders, which can disrupt the adoption process. This is more common for adopted children who have had multiple disruptions or adoptees who were malnourished or neglected from a very young age. For internationally adopted children, having a support group and access to cultural outlets can help with understanding one's identity outside of his or her adoptive family.

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jessica green - 3 months ago
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I'am looking for my Brother he was born on Sept 22, 1962 in Vero Beach,Florida at Indian River memorial hospital adopted to a family in fort Pierce,Florida. #1
Donald Stiles( adopted child) - 1 year ago
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In search of Birth mother ,father,siblings. Born December 08 1956 at Georgetown Hospital Washington DC. Adopted through the Barker foundation. would like to know more about my Birth Parents and their family. the only info I have is that my Mother was a waitress and father was a musician. They could not be married for religious reasons? #2
Guest - 8 months ago
helen smith birthmother looking for son Johnny born 9/8/1966 adopted at age 7 monroe county ny..myself and your 3 sisters looking for you #3
For Donna Jean (birthmother): - 1 year ago
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In search of (pre-adopted Name:) Helen Ann, born: 2-24-69 in Massillon, OH. Agency was known as Massillon Catholic Service League (no longer around). Her birthmother would like to know if she is still alive and well. I am a friend of the family (Kasey) #4

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