Adopt A Grandparent

The Adopt-A-Grandparent program is a Christian volunteer-based organization that matches adults with lonely or home bound senior citizens. Volunteers are asked to befriend and spend time with their adopted grandparents. This is not a legal adoption as much as a symbolic relative to the adoption ideology.

The Adopt-A-Grandparent organization regularly hosts picnics, parties and other mixers to encourage seniors and their adoptive volunteers to get out of the house. There are also satellite programs with similar goals and events as the Adopt-A-Grandparent organization. Local nursing homes may have programs that match young volunteers from the community with senior citizens in need of company. Company may involve in-person visits, phone calls, attending events at the nursing home or in the community. To many of these older citizens donating time to them is far more valuable than donations of money or goods to the nursing home. Volunteers may also be pleasantly surprised by how much Adopt-A-Grandparent can affect them. Hearing the stories their "grandparent" tells as well as the wisdom and grace of old age is something some people find inspiring.

For those who may not have the time to fully commit to adopting a grandparent, the United States has a nationally recognized National Grandparent Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This isn't a federal holiday, but stresses the importance of tradition and the age-old value of respecting one's elders and generations passed.

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Jhas - 5 months ago
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How can I get more information? I'm in the Los Angeles area. #1
Amanda - 9 months ago
I would like more information on adopting a grandparent. I live in Grand Blanc, MI. #2
alisha - 1 week ago
Would like some information about adopting grandparents.I have two wonderful boy's that would love to have grandparents!!! We live in Michigan #3
Marilyn - 9 months ago
I would like more information on aadopting a grandparent. I live in Rockville, MD #4
Guest - 8 months ago
My 5 year really wants a grand father. All four of his head patents passed away before he was born or old enough to know one of them. He is had a nani that loves him very much. She is a long time family friends and she is his grandma figure but her wants a grandpa please let me know how we could find more info on how to adopt a grandpa we live in Los Angeles ca #5
Guest - 5 months ago
Looking for organizations to help get Christmas gifts in bellevue Nebraska #6

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