Abortion is the procedural termination of a pregnancy within the first 15 weeks of a pregnancy. An abortion after that is considered a late-term abortion. A natural abortion is called a miscarriage.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and do not want to raise the child yourself, you may be considering adoption. In the adoption process, you place the infant with a family that is prepared to care for him or her. Some pregnant women, particularly teens, worry about the stigma of being pregnant whether they choose an abortion or not. Hundreds of thousands of pregnant teens choose to have abortions every year, but more than half will see their pregnancy through.

By choosing adoption over abortion, a woman has the opportunity to turn her unplanned pregnancy into something that brings love and gratitude into a couple's lives. There are thousands of couples and families looking to adopt a child, and allowing a couple to have a chance at being a family will be a second chance for you and the infant. You can go on to college or continue to work toward your promotion. And the infant will be with a family that can provide him or her with the attention and resources he or she needs.

Yes, adoption has a lot of paperwork involved. You'll need to have birth mother counseling and may even have to take time to read through parent profiles and, of course, carry a child for nine months. Adoption is not the easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy.

Abortion and adoption are two very difficult decisions that a woman must be fully informed about before she commits to either.

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I'm adopted and pro-choice. We exist. #1

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We are Blaine, Wendy and Dannika. We live in Washington. We laugh every day. We love each other very much. We wish to adopt another baby… We hope to meet you soon! [more]

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