No matter which side of the adoption triad you find yourself--adoptee, birth parent, or adoptive parent--there is ample information available to you. You'll read about adopting domestically and internationally, what to experience during pregnancy and how to sort through your options for an unplanned pregnancy, how to sort through emotions as an adult adoptee and how to begin the reunion journey, and advice for foster parenting and general parenting.

There is support available to all members of the triad--support groups, professional counselors, adoption professionals, and family and friends. Even though you may feel like it, you're never alone. If you need support, reach out for it. There is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed. It takes courage to ask for help, no matter your situation. You can also share your experiences and your wisdom with others in similar situations.

Whether you're looking to place or to adopt, it's important to sort through all of your options. Take the time to research and study. Don't make a final decision until you're ready. Once you feel that you're ready for the next few steps of your journey, move forward with hope and confidence.


Adoption Articles

The process of adoption, generalized, is: a couple decides to adopt then are matched with an available child. The journey from Point A to Point B varies with each couple and kind of adoption. The process of adoption begins with a couple decides they want to bring a child into their family. They then have the obligation to explore their options: domestic or international, agency or independent, infant or older child. After choosing where and how to adopt, the couple will need to...

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TRA Gratitude Project: Day 3
In my previous post , I explain why thanksgiving and gratitude is important to me. And because this is National...
Space for Older Foster Children:...
Rumor warned against becoming foster parents of older children while having younger children. That's the advice I'd...

Adoption Forums

Another Tax Question
In good and sad news our mom just relinquished her rights. and That's a tough one... Anyways, she already claimed...
Baby L update
We are sad. The judge granted custody to possible birth father today at court without having results from DNA test...

Parent Profiles

We are a happily married, well-educated couple that are looking to give a child all the advantages of a loving home and family. We are compassionate, caring and easy to talk with. If... [more]

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Cameron (TX / 9 / M)
Cameron is a very active and determined child. He has the tendency to be very shy when he is around new people, but once he gets to know them, he has the ability to open up and... [more]

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